Cold Hors D’Oeuvres

(Prices subject to change. Minimum order applies.)

Cucumber Cracker with Freshwater Shrimp and Dill Crème Fraiche…..$25/dozen

Roasted Red Pepper Cheesecake offered with Pita Crisps and/or Crackers (serves 10-12)…..$40

Fine Cheese Board offering an assortment of Imported and Domestic Cheeses and Crackers…..$5/person

Smoked Salmon Bundles with Julienne of Vegetables and Wasabi Cream Cheese, wrapped in Ribbon of Leek…..$30/dozen

Proscuitto and Goat Cheese Crostini…..$25/dozen

Gruyere Pecan Scone Bites with Beef Tenderloin, Brie and Red Onion Relish…..$35/dozen

Lobster Tacos – Lobster, Diced Mango and Jalapeno Peppers offered on a Baked Tortilla Round with an Avocado Spread…..$36/dozen

Tortilla Spirals:
-Smoked Salmon and Arugula
-Cranberry and Savoury Feta
-Curried Chicken Salad
-Roasted Marinated Vegetable
-Roast Beef with Gorgonzola Butter…..$25/dozen

Caprese Tartlettes – Mediterranean infused cream cheese, Fresh Mozzarella and diced Roma Tomato, offered in a Toasted Tart Shell…..$25/dozen
Assorted Vegetarian Sushi Presentation – offered with Light Soya Sauce, Wasabi, and Pickled Ginger…..$27/dozen

Viet-Thai Spring Rolls – Seasoned Julienne of Asian Vegetables wrapped in Rice Paper and served with Honey Ginger Dipping Sauce…..$25/dozen

(Add chicken, beef or breast of duck)…..$35/dozen

Chef’s Own Bruschetta – Diced Roma Tomatoes, Mango, Red Onion, Fresh Basil and Garlic on Grilled Crostini with Balsamic Drizzle…..$25/dozen

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Involtini – Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomatoes Wrapped in thinly sliced Zucchini…..$25/dozen

Layered Chili Lime Dip served with Nacho Chips (serves 18-20)…..$50

Asiago Rosemary Shortbread with Sundried Tomato Chevre…..$30/dozen

Greek Brochettes – Bite-size pieces of Cucumber, Feta, Olives and Tomato drizzled with Olive Oil …..$25/dozen

Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Cheese Presentation…..$6/person